Bulk SMS Services in Alwar

Benefits and reasons to have bulk SMS service

Well starting off from here, bulk SMS services is proving to be the best marketing strategy these days, also bulk SMS services is a great tool when it comes to sending message to a lot of people be it transactional message, or message containing information about any thing else. Bulk SMS services are highly beneficial for sending promotional messages because it targets more and more audience with almost no influence of time. On knowing these facts you must have searched for bulk SMS service providers and a long list may have been flashed in front of you on the screen, but you are in search of finding the best among all, so you search process is over here and now. Wise Business Technologies is well
established bulk SMS company in Alwar, holding experience of years, bulk SMS services given by our bulk SMS company in Alwar proves to be life saver for our clients. Our bulk sms company in Alwar helped our clients through bulk SMS services to make them achieve their business targets. On receiving the feedback we came to know that how the bulk SMS services by our bulk SMS company in Alwar has done wonders. Hence it it is quite obvious that our bulk SMS company in Alwar is doing so well in giving result oriented services to its clients. On one hand where our bulk SMS company in Alwar made it quite convenient for some of its clients to send information or transactional messages to its customers, on the other hand our bulk SMS company in Alwar makes promotion of newly settled business in the town. Even when you are related to an educational institute then also we at bulk SMS company in Alwar can make some thing quite easy for you. Including been promotional strategy for your educational institute as well, you can also take bulk SMS services from our bulk SMS company in Alwar to send daily work, assignments, holiday information to the students. There are several factors that our bulk SMS company in Alwar can mark that shows that having bulk SMS services is the best choice ever. Some of the factors that we would like to mention is one you can send messages to a lot of people, two is less time, three is the medium that is mobile phone which gives guarantee that people will read about you definitely.

Promotional SMS:

Transactional SMS:


Why choose us for your Bulk sms/msg gateway provider?

  • Bulk Message demo detail is 100% free.
  • You can deliver group messages online and use online text messenger 3.0
  • We use superior SMS gateway for Transactional SMS Or OPEN DND(Do Not Disturb) Routes.
  • Daily reports and Message history are accessible in control panel.
  • We provide bulk SMS sender-id in 6 alphabets.
  • You can manage like add, edit and delete sms groups.
  • Get OPT IN & OUT service for transactional sms with long code.
  • There are more than 26,000 mass sms clients in India.
  • We will give you market competing price.
  • Message delivered in 3-10 seconds on premium gateways.
  • Bulk sms gateway API available for software & web developers.
  • We provide cheap sms bulk service in India as compared to others.
  • We also provide international bulk sms/msg service.
  • We also offer Hindi sms with Unicode sms features.
  • We have functional sms sending features with excel file.
  • We offer sms templates to add, edit and delete.
  • 24×7 hours surveillance support also available in emergency, If required.

We at Wise Business Technologies(WBT) hand over the inventive solutions in the field of Bulk SMS(Short Message Service)services, Brief Code SMS provider, Long Code SMS Supplier,Bulk Voice Calls, Hosted IVR, Mobile Marketing, Miss Call Solution, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Receptionist, International Bulk SMS and Mobile Application Development in INDIA, United Kingdom and New Zealand Since 2014 having headquarter in Panipat, Haryana.

Promotional SMS/MSG (Without DND delivery)

 Quality / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount in Rs (INR)
1  Lac       sms 12.0 Paisa  12,000
2  Lac       sms 11.5 Paisa  23,000
5  Lac       sms 10.0 Paisa  50,000
10 Lac       sms  9.0 Paisa  90,000
25 Lac       sms   8 Paisa 2,00,000
50 Lac+       sms  7.5 Paisa 3,75,000
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Transactional SMS/MSG ( With DND delivery)

 Quantity / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount(INR)
 1  Lac      sms  13.5   13,500
 2  Lac      sms  12.5   25,000
 5  Lac      sms  12.0   60,000
 10 Lac      sms  11.75   1,17,500
25 Lac      sms  11.25   2,81,250
50 Lac      sms  10.00   5,00,000
1 Crore+   sms  9.0   9,00,000
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