Bulk SMS Services in Rohtak

Bulk SMS Services a New Marketing Tool

Bulk SMS services are now a days used by everybody from a business owners be it small, medium or large, or whether talking about Ecommerce industries, and many more. Every one is rushing towards having bulk SMS services because now people are understanding the reason behind doing so and also the vast scope that their business can have on having bulk SMS services. Not only this people are much more aware about the fact that the benefits that they can earn from bulk SMS services are unbeatable. We are one well and widely known bulk SMS company in Rohtak that is loved for providing excellent bulk SMS services. Bulk SMS services are a new age marketing tool that enables the business owner to promote its work by directly interacting with the customers. Now the question may arise how is this possible and how one can be able to convey its message to customers or we can say to millions of customers, it might seem difficult but we at bulk SMS company in Rohtak makes it easy or you can say easiest for you. We at bulk SMS company in Rohtak does it every single day as we are dealing hands with some of the big enterprises in Rohtak and they are getting their required results from our bulk SMS company in Rohtak. Our bulk SMS company in Rohtak offers you several packages of bulk SMS services, out of which you are free to choose any as per your requirement and depending on how many people you want that they should know about you. We at bulk SMS company in Rohtak will make you to send your personalized and customized message to millions and billions of people on just following few simple and easy steps. Here our bulk SMS company in Rohtak wants you to know the reason why bulk SMS services are more effective way to let people know abut you and your work. As we are completely aware as a bulk SMS company in Rohtak that now a days avoiding something that flash on your mobile phone screen is almost a negligible case because addiction to mobile phones and using it regularly has become a global phenomenon and every one knows it very well. Therefore our bulk SMS company in Rohtak makes mobile phones a medium of promotion which it self proves to be the best marketing strategy ever.

Promotional SMS:

Transactional SMS:


Why choose us for your Bulk sms/msg gateway provider?

  • Bulk Message demo detail is 100% free.
  • You can deliver group messages online and use online text messenger 3.0
  • We use superior SMS gateway for Transactional SMS Or OPEN DND(Do Not Disturb) Routes.
  • Daily reports and Message history are accessible in control panel.
  • We provide bulk SMS sender-id in 6 alphabets.
  • You can manage like add, edit and delete sms groups.
  • Get OPT IN & OUT service for transactional sms with long code.
  • There are more than 26,000 mass sms clients in India.
  • We will give you market competing price.
  • Message delivered in 3-10 seconds on premium gateways.
  • Bulk sms gateway API available for software & web developers.
  • We provide cheap sms bulk service in India as compared to others.
  • We also provide international bulk sms/msg service.
  • We also offer Hindi sms with Unicode sms features.
  • We have functional sms sending features with excel file.
  • We offer sms templates to add, edit and delete.
  • 24×7 hours surveillance support also available in emergency, If required.

We at Wise Business Technologies(WBT) hand over the inventive solutions in the field of Bulk SMS(Short Message Service)services, Brief Code SMS provider, Long Code SMS Supplier,Bulk Voice Calls, Hosted IVR, Mobile Marketing, Miss Call Solution, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Receptionist, International Bulk SMS and Mobile Application Development in INDIA, United Kingdom and New Zealand Since 2014 having headquarter in Panipat, Haryana.

Promotional SMS/MSG (Without DND delivery)

 Quality / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount in Rs (INR)
1  Lac       sms 12.0 Paisa  12,000
2  Lac       sms 11.5 Paisa  23,000
5  Lac       sms 10.0 Paisa  50,000
10 Lac       sms  9.0 Paisa  90,000
25 Lac       sms   8 Paisa 2,00,000
50 Lac+       sms  7.5 Paisa 3,75,000
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Transactional SMS/MSG ( With DND delivery)

 Quantity / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount(INR)
 1  Lac      sms  13.5   13,500
 2  Lac      sms  12.5   25,000
 5  Lac      sms  12.0   60,000
 10 Lac      sms  11.75   1,17,500
25 Lac      sms  11.25   2,81,250
50 Lac      sms  10.00   5,00,000
1 Crore+   sms  9.0   9,00,000
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