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Bulk Sms Advertisement

The contribution of mobile users is expanding day by day all over the world. Therefore, use of Bulk SMS Messaging Service is at its height these days. If we discuss usage and control of Bulk SMS in India and abroad, it’s very smooth with web based login panel, Bulk SMS (Short Message Service) software’s and Excel Plugins is an additional feature to deliver SMS from excel files. It is very easy to use software while Log-in to web based panel, you can make a group like clients, employees, family members and upload numbers according to the graphs from excel and text files, While sending messages we can prefer to all groups or a particular group to whom you want to send and write SMS in the message box then click on send button or timetable seems to send in the future. The desired MSG will be delivered in a couple of seconds and answer of customers get your inbox in few minutes. You can likewise check delivery records of sending SMS which shows you which SMS is delivered or lapsed because of any reason.

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Bulk Voice Call Advertisement

Bulk voice calls are taped voice messages to a mobile or landline network beyond the country. Voice Call empowers you to communicate with your customers by calling on their Mobile/Land-phone wherever in India with a prerecorded voice message through a fully automated Online System.

Voice Calls are completely computerised process, hence no operators or dialers need to process the call, once the system is fixed with your pre-recorded messages and contact list through our user friendly online control panels then our system starts calling beneficiary and plays your taped voice message.

Voice SMS helps you to boost your business. You can contribute your advice to the customers, clients or with your companion and any other group. It is the way where you can explicitly your emotions, your bliss to someone you want. You can let your customers know about your events. You can send aspiration to your friends through Voice SMS. It’s an economical way to be in touch with your friends and family and even a safe way to deliver the message/information.


No structure fees, No monthly fees, No hidden cost
You can send Voice Message/Information in your own language.
Upload. mp3 or.wav Files
You can add human taste to your messages.
The call will not be conveyed on DND (Do Not Disturb) Numbers.
Payment only for answers calls.

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross stage smart phone messengers and most broadly used app which is accessible for Android, Windows, BlackBerry yours and other operating framework of smartphones which empowers mobile connection over the world. In inclusion to prime messaging, WhatsApp users can make groups, send and collect unlimited images, videos & audio media messages.

According to various marketing studies, short messages are the most fortunate types in this range. However, it’s very vital to use it smartly, without disturbing the clients.

After successful Digital Marketing trend, each and every person and business organisation is moving to a new stage of marketing that is What’s-App marketing. WhatsApp marketing companies or agencies are suppling bulk text, image and video marketing services. The majority of the people is using Smartphones to get an immediate reply to mails and messages.

While talking about the instant and quick client service industry, brands can advertise their product and services via mass WhatsApp marketing. And this also helps the companies or agencies for modern product launch or any newly services added in the cart.

Assets of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing

Global Accessibility

WhatsApp has the strength to give you yield or service international and global publicity. Customers are able to open new markets and access any area across the world.

Wrangle Free

With the WhatsApp bulk messaging system you no longer have to mess for SIM card top-ups and cash-card tariff.
send more text and images
We have Initial setup that will send large amount of WhatsApp messages on time.

Greater Mobility

You get the chance to send WhatsApp bulk messages anywhere, anytime via the Internet over the smartphones.

Secure Money

WhatsApp helps you to save money as it’s much low-cost than Voice SMS commerce.