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Choose Your Business Goals:


The importance of cross cultural awareness is crucial, especially in communication fields such as advertising and public relations. A simple slip up in language or etiquette can heavily damage the company or campaign. The key is to think globally. In the field of communications, the world is connected through media. This connection means that the media channels, producers, advertisers and writers must think critically about each culture they are communicating to and ensure that the campaign will work well with their audience.

Website Traffic:

A Web plan should include realistic estimates of projected Web traffic. The first step is to look at the details on measuring projected traffic, and how and where to develop realistic estimates. Regardless of whether your website strategy involves selling products, or bringing in community members, or even developing content, in all cases measuring website traffic and user sessions is a good way for you to gauge how many people are using your hybrid site, and where you need to improve your website in order to get better conversion rates.

Establishing what units to measure

Your first step is to establish measurement units. Measuring Internet traffic is a new challenge. Technology and standards are changing fast. If you ever hear anyone talking about how many “hits” they get on their website you know that they are misinformed. A given page view can produce as many as 100 hits, depending on how many images you display on your pages, rendering the statistics unit “hits” completely useless.

One way the Internet industry measures usage focuses on page views and users. You may also want to measure your banner impressions, as a percentage of total page views, if you are hosting advertising banners.

Two favorite measurements are page views and unique user sessions. If you can track the number of unique users that visit your site, and know how many of your website pages the average user views, then you have some very valuable data. You can tell potential investors that you have X number of page views a month, and X number of unique users a month. You can then impress them further by showing the value of your users, and say that each one of your unique users looks at an average of X pages whenever they visit your website.

The link between traffic and business is called “leads/calls” in this forecast. According to this projection, the consulting company website will generate one lead/call for every 1,000 page views, (which is the 0.10% number shown). That ratio allows the forecast to apply an assumed closes per leads rate (30% in this case) to derive a projected number of consulting engagements resulting from the consulting website.

As you develop your own forecast, look for ways to relate the traffic forecast to the sales forecast.

Generate More Leads

This is arguably the most popular goal for business websites that have lead generation as their main purpose. This goal is best for companies that want to get more sales leads through improving their website’s marketing performance. To measure lead increase, I recommend setting a percentage rate increase as opposed to an absolute lead count. This accounts for monthly traffic fluctuations and allows for meaningful historical comparisons. Also, make sure to track qualified leads versus total general leads and set specifications as to what is considered a qualified lead. Doing so will also measure the quality of leads you are getting. Example: Increase the number of monthly qualified leads by 20% (qualified lead: decision maker; headquartered in the U.S., revenue of $10M+).

Improve Lead Conversion Rate

This measures the ability of a website to capture information of a visitor and convert them into a prospect (measured as a percentage of website visitors who become prospects). This goal is good for companies that want to focus on the website’s ability to convert and is a great goal to set for inbound (content) marketing campaigns. This goal can also help measure changes in the quality of traffic. For this type of goal, it is crucial to know your website’s current conversion rate. This way, you can determine a realistic percentage increase. Example: Increase the website’s conversion rate by 5% (with the same amount of traffic).


Remarketing is a clever way to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry. It allows you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website – as they browse elsewhere around the internet.

At WBT, a lot of our clients find remarketing to be a very (very) cost-effective form of advertising for reminding visitors to purchase your offering(s) and increasing brand awareness. For any business with a website, if you’re considering advertising online, our experts highly recommend investing in some remarketing.

There is a minimum threshold of 100 cookie ID’s on each remarketing list before a campaign can become active.

To be successful it’s important to a) make sure your ad is highly relevant to what you know visitors are looking for and b) contains some form of enticement to encourage them back to your website. For example you could display a special discounted offer on that item.

If your aim is raise brand awareness then you can create ads that achieve exactly that by displaying your brand to visitors over a period of days, weeks or months. And as remarketing is part of Google AdWords you will be able to track outcomes through normal conversion tracking.

Our indefatigable Social Marketing Strategy

We thrive tomake your business goals reach its aimed destinations through a potentially chalked our social media marketing approach. With curated solutions for each and every door of the social media platform, we are the masters in making you reach your ideal clients with the ideally suitable marketing tools.

Channel Selection

In the growing crowds of emerging social media platforms, our aim remains to investigate and monitor the ones that are potentially lucrative with the maximum number of visitors. Thus targeting the most popular forums that are infested with your resourceful customers, the bunch of marketing strategies are executed. Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are the pivot points of the social media marketing journey.

Create Viral Campaign

Achieve a viral response from your customers and broadcast your brand through the digital media with engaging campaigns like ads, contests etc. that catalyzes the visitors to explore your brand website with enhanced interest and zeal. Let your brand witness its robust popularity in the positive manner to its peak with eminent SMM strategies.

Content Strategy

Content is indeed the food of every digital marketing strategy and in social medial marketing it is indeed the major lifeline. With the perfect combination of engaging and brand oriented content, with the mix of visual displays ,the potential customers are indeed forwarded to the desired website.

Community Development & Management

Develop your brand community amidst the dominant social media windows and keep on increasing your clientele base. With eminent social media marketing team, they aid you to manage your created communities through engaging posts; regular news feeds thus resulting in cross interactions. Your community base mirror your brand engagement.

Set Demographics

The close monitoring of your brand performance among the several social media platforms with a potential examination of the customer demographic figures makes your business earn the desired momentum of business with your detailed review of the customer behavioral trends.

Individual Channel Reporting

Accomplish closely monitored reports of your brand show in the multiple niches of social media. With in-depth reports and reviews about each and every individual corner, you are definitely on the brighter side of your business goals. Visitor’s behavioral trends, areas to work on, areas stimulating maximum traffic are the major territories of channel reporting.

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