Location Based Ads

An advanced feature that is not known to everyone but unknowingly you might have seen these thing on your phones. A great and a feature that you can now easily get for mobile marketing according to the locations, this feature is known as location based ads.

A new form of advertising through which you can target a great range of people even those whose contacts are not known to you only by the ads that get displayed on their screen whenever they enter the specific location that you have targeted.

Let’s go do something through business advertisements.It’s a big advertising world out there.

This location based ads services is really very less known to all but you might have seen various ads on your mobile screens whenever you are on the airport etc. These services of location based ads works through your GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which means you can display the advertisement for your business on all the phones that enter in a particular location.

This unique and new technique helps you to improve marketing for better business promotions as well.

Mobile AdvertisementsCustom location based audiences - Mobile advertisements.

A versatile approach for mobile advertisements that can really help you grow your business by advertising through the latest deals and latest technologies. You can now easily get these services of location based ads at Wise Business Technologies, one of the leading IT Company in Panipat that provides you with the best services all according to the latest technologies in order to facilitate you with all the latest services that are really very good and in the way best for your business. To be able to tap fully into the Mobile Based Advertising market and make it work for your business, you have to focus on three key elements.

  • Accurate, first-party location data
  • Deep knowledge of your clients business

Video AdvertisementsVideo the way you want it. Location targeting the way you need it.

Mobile is the only advertising medium that allows clients to truly interact with brands on a personal level. Better data means better clients experiences, and we love working with marketers who savor the sweet taste of data-driven creative. Feel free to romp and roam to the edges of advertising creativity while brainstorming for mobile. We believe location data should only enhance, never hinder, your advertising imagination.

Through this location based ads you can target all the mobile devices and without their contact numbers and they will get an automated advertisement of your business whenever anyone enters the location that you have targeted only by their GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.

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