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In order to survive in rigorous market competition and maintaining the business reputation and growth is not at all easy task, it is an uphill task with no doubts. It is not at all required, it has become a business need and a necessity to opt for extra ordinary promotional strategy because without that surviving in the market can become almost impossible for the business. We are wise business technologies and we have an easiest and one of the most effective marketing strategy that we have given to many organisation and firm and they are now getting their desired business results and that one master strategy is bulk SMS services. We are bulk SMS company in karnal and well known to offering excellent bulk SMS services to the world. Our bulk SMS company in karnal give opportunity to its client to interact with wider area of audience in shorter time possible. Bulk SMS services can help you and your business in many many ways, it helps you to convey important messages to your customers. One such way in which bulk SMS services from our bulk SMS company in karnal is beneficial to you and your customers is sending timely alerts. This can benefit you in two ways, one is that you showing interest in promotion that attracts more customers and another way is that if your customer forget about the product maintenance then your alerts will make them fell satisfied that they choose your products and services which ultimately help in retaining of your old customers with you for a long duration of time.

Our bulk SMS company in karnal gives you all the liberty and you can create a message customized as per you needs. In the bulk SMS services from our bulks SMS company in karnal you can put all the required information that you feel in important for initial introduction of your business to your customers. Not limited to this our bulk SMS company in karnal gives you a wonderful platform to reach out more and more people in least time possible. One can let a hundred and a million people know about one’s profile and work. One of the amazing thing that makes bulk SMS services from our bulk SMS company in karnal even more worthy is the cost and the efforts. Our bulk SMS company in karnal offers most cost effective bulk SMS services, the prices are so affordable that one will get amazed on getting to know about the bulk SMS services package that our bulk SMS company in karnal offers. We at bulk SMS company in karnal focus on minimizing efforts put in for promotional strategy with its bulk SMS services, because in this services you are not required the man power, printed pamphlets etc, one single SMS is more then enough to grab the attention of the customers towards your work. Bulk SMS services from our bulk SMS company in karnal are result oriented and we not just not writing it, we have records for the same. Our bulk SMS company is well known fro giving highly result oriented advertising procedures.

Promotional SMS:

Transactional SMS:


Why choose us for your Bulk sms/msg gateway provider?

  • Bulk Message demo detail is 100% free.
  • You can deliver group messages online and use online text messenger 3.0
  • We use superior SMS gateway for Transactional SMS Or OPEN DND(Do Not Disturb) Routes.
  • Daily reports and Message history are accessible in control panel.
  • We provide bulk SMS sender-id in 6 alphabets.
  • You can manage like add, edit and delete sms groups.
  • Get OPT IN & OUT service for transactional sms with long code.
  • There are more than 26,000 mass sms clients in India.
  • We will give you market competing price.
  • Message delivered in 3-10 seconds on premium gateways.
  • Bulk sms gateway API available for software & web developers.
  • We provide cheap sms bulk service in India as compared to others.
  • We also provide international bulk sms/msg service.
  • We also offer Hindi sms with Unicode sms features.
  • We have functional sms sending features with excel file.
  • We offer sms templates to add, edit and delete.
  • 24×7 hours surveillance support also available in emergency, If required.

We at Wise Business Technologies(WBT) hand over the inventive solutions in the field of Bulk SMS(Short Message Service)services, Brief Code SMS provider, Long Code SMS Supplier,Bulk Voice Calls, Hosted IVR, Mobile Marketing, Miss Call Solution, Toll Free Numbers, Virtual Receptionist, International Bulk SMS and Mobile Application Development in INDIA, United Kingdom and New Zealand Since 2014 having headquarter in Panipat, Haryana.

Promotional SMS/MSG (Without DND delivery)

 Quality / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount in Rs (INR)
1  Lac       sms 12.0 Paisa  12,000
2  Lac       sms 11.5 Paisa  23,000
5  Lac       sms 10.0 Paisa  50,000
10 Lac       sms  9.0 Paisa  90,000
25 Lac       sms   8 Paisa 2,00,000
50 Lac+       sms  7.5 Paisa 3,75,000
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Transactional SMS/MSG ( With DND delivery)

 Quantity / Credits  Price in Paisa / sms  Amount(INR)
 1  Lac      sms  13.5   13,500
 2  Lac      sms  12.5   25,000
 5  Lac      sms  12.0   60,000
 10 Lac      sms  11.75   1,17,500
25 Lac      sms  11.25   2,81,250
50 Lac      sms  10.00   5,00,000
1 Crore+   sms  9.0   9,00,000
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